🎵 Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Night Moves (1976) ★★★★½

My favourite classic rock album was released 45 years ago today. While writing this post, I found out that instead of the Silver Bullet Band, part of this album was actually recorded with backing by the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, a group of session musicians “associated with more than 500 recordings, including 75 gold and platinum hits.”

Visit with the family to the Re_Nature contemporary art festival, ‘s Hertogenbosch.

😱Just purchased the new ‘entry level’ 14” MacBook Pro, minutes after the announcement. That could probably count as an impulse buy, but it actually was long overdue. Although my trusty old ‘late 2013’ 15” MacBook Pro is still showing its strength, it really is on its last legs.

🎥 Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) ★★

Homemade potato chips made by me and my youngest daughter. Oven baked and with a top secret recipe for the seasoning. Took us a large part of the morning. Consumed in under 5 minutes while watching our next Marvel movie with the family.

🌱 Today’s harvest. Two different apple varieties, one pumpkin (variety unknown) and some more almonds.

🌱 First harvest of almonds from our garden.

Yesterday, we enjoyed a nice private canal cruise with friends on the canals of Utrecht. The city was bustling and we saw a lot of happy faces along the wharfs because of the nice sunny weather.

🎥 Sex, Drugs & Bicycles (2020) ★★½

Documentary by Jonathan Blank on Dutch culture and social democracy. Comprehensive, but spread too thin on many of the subjects covered, like the rise of populism, and even neglecting real threats to democracy like right-wing extremism.

🥾 Short walk near Oud-Maarsseveen, in pouring rain. The Dutch language has a lot of different descriptions for rain. We would describe today’s weather as ‘Het regent kop en schotels’ (‘It’s raining cups and saucers’).

🎥 Nebraska (2013) ★★★★ Tonight, we watched another great film by Alexander Payne. Beautifully shot in black and white, and a great plot portraying a moving father-son story.

“Does he have Alzheimer’s?”

“No, he just believes what people tell him.”

🌱 This is one plant. Amazing how just one little pumpkin seed manages to take over almost our whole vegetable garden in only a few months!

Pretty happy with the new semi-permanent setup of the electronic drum kit in my youngest daughter’s room. It should be easier for her now to practice more often!

🎥 The Descendants (2011) ★★★★

Loved this film by Alexander Payne. Despite the very tragic story, many scenes were very recognizable, having two daughters of roughly the same age myself.

🌱🦔 Making progress with a new version of our hedgehog garden camera. This time I’m hoping to get a live stream out of the IR illuminated hedgehog house interior, in addition to the outside cam I was using last year.

🎵Another beauty from my favourite Belgian band: LUCY - Dez Mona & B.O.X

🥾 Short walk with the family in Westerheide nature reserve. We very much enjoyed this year’s exuberant flowering heather!

🌱 Fermented plum sauce made with the first harvest of plums from our own garden.

🌱 Can’t think of a better colour palette that captures the mood of this bright and friendly sunday morning.

🌱 Untainted pumpkin flower. Love the five-fold symmetry.

🌱 Our living room Melissa seems to be glowing because of the evening sun shining through its leaves.

🥾🎵Short walk around one of my favourite polders. The Teckop polder is designated as a stiltegebied (silent area), which made it appropriate for making some field recordings. A brisk breeze and quite a lot of holiday air traffic made silence a relative concept though…

arnoldhoogerwerf · Stiltegebied Polder Teckop - aug 2021

🎥 Thor (2011) ★★½

Now both of our kids are getting old enough for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I expect to (re)watch a lot more of them with the whole family this autumn.

🎵 I decided to change my quasi automated week in music to my month in music, to make it feel less compulsory and more fun.

This past month, I particularly enjoyed the dreamy, calm and peaceful soundtrack of No Fear, No Die by Abdullah Ibrahim.

🎵This legendary DJ-Kicks album by Kruder & Dorfmeister turned 25 years old this week. At that time a big part of the soundtrack of my life…