🌱 There’s nothing like the fresh smell of boiling jam from homegrown raspberries and redcurrants…

🌱 Blooming sage in the morning sun. For the first time since we planted it years ago (but used its leaves for culinary purposes). Didn’t know it had such beautiful flowers.

🌱 There are literally hundreds of ladybird beetles living in our garden right now. I already spotted several larvae and pupae in the last couple of weeks, but I never saw so many of them before. They’re right on time though: our fruit trees have a lot of aphids on their leaves.

🌱 Record amount of apple pies in the making 🥧

🌱 Plane crossing the blue sky behind our blooming almond tree.

🌱 It’s official. The spring has started on our side of the planet.

🌱 Cuttings from our white butterfly bush, for planting out in the school garden later this year. A bit early in the season, but since new leaves already started to appear, I took my chances. 🤞

🌱🦔 I’m experimenting a bit more with live streaming from within our hedgehog house in the garden (via the excellent Open Broadcaster Software). It has been occupied for several nights already, so I have good hope that it will be used again for hibernation this winter.

🌱 I’m glad I took a moment to photograph some lovely autumn colours in our garden on this dreary Saturday morning. I’m also pretty impressed with Halide’s new computational macro feature.

🌱 Made a simple yet very tasty pumpkin soup from the biggest pumpkin we harvested from our garden.

🌱 Today’s harvest. Two different apple varieties, one pumpkin (variety unknown) and some more almonds.

🌱 First harvest of almonds from our garden.

🌱 This is one plant. Amazing how just one little pumpkin seed manages to take over almost our whole vegetable garden in only a few months!

🌱🦔 Making progress with a new version of our hedgehog garden camera. This time I’m hoping to get a live stream out of the IR illuminated hedgehog house interior, in addition to the outside cam I was using last year.

🌱 Fermented plum sauce made with the first harvest of plums from our own garden.

🌱 Can’t think of a better colour palette that captures the mood of this bright and friendly sunday morning.

🌱 Untainted pumpkin flower. Love the five-fold symmetry.

🌱 Our living room Melissa seems to be glowing because of the evening sun shining through its leaves.

🌱 Silhouette of a moth.

🌱 Lazy afternoon in the garden.

🌱 Fresh pumpkin tendril in the morning light. Fascinating phenomenon..!

“The mechanism of tendril coiling begins with circumnutation of the tendril […] and it serves the purpose of increasing the chance that the plant will come in contact with a support system.”

🌱 Found this little heroine underneath our picnic table. She managed to get to full bloom from between two garden tiles.💪

🌱 Billie the cat, greeting me from above.

🌱 Homegrown breakfast

🌱 Roasting aubergines in the wood stove in our garden.