🎵 Andrew Bird - Inside Problems ★★★★

Great new album by Andrew Bird, harking me back to the great days of his debut Armchair Apocryphia!

🎵 I finally found some time to edit the field recordings I made during our recent trip to Chalcidice, Macedonia, Greece 🇬🇷. I especially liked the intriguing, otherworldly sounds of the Eurasian scops owl at night!

arnoldhoogerwerf · Chalcidice, Macedonia, Greece - may 2022

🎵 Since my recent purchase of a Bansuri, I like to study Indian classical music from time to time. The melodic framework of the raga is often deceptively simple, but can become pretty complex while performing. The flute music of Hariprasad Chaurasia is a perfect example of this.

🎵🥾Made some beautiful field recordings of this morning’s dawn chorus. This spot is one of the last breeding grounds of the grutto (black tailed godwit), and luckily they were very boisterous today. It’s our National Bird, but unfortunately they’re also a near-threatened species

🎵 Fat Freddy’s Drop - Boondigga

Love this song, one of their best songs. Still have to see them live sometime…

🎵 Japan - Gentlemen Take Polaroids (1980) ★★★★

To me, Japan is one of the best New Wave bands that ever existed. Calling them a New Wave band doesn’t do them enough justice though, because of their sophisticated sound and of course David Sylvian’s great voice.

🎵 Two Pages by 4Hero (1998) ★★★★★

This is perhaps one of the best albums of the 90s, but I somehow missed it at the time, or for some crazy reason may have forgotten about it. A classic that still sounds remarkably contemporary today.

🎵 I recently added a new musical instrument to my collection: a traditional Indian Bansuri flute, and I’m very eager to learn to play it! I like the adventurous process of discovering a new instrument and all of its beautiful sounds and hidden secrets.

🎵 Finally took the time to edit and upload the field recording I made a few months ago in stiltegebied De Meije. Apart from normalising, there wasn’t much to edit, though. This series of ‘silent’ recordings is gradually turning into an interesting side project…

🎵 Hear & Now - Don Cherry (1976) ★★★★

Jimi Hendrix meets Miles Davis meets Gong meets Free Jazz meets Fusion. ❤️

🎵The end of the year is near, which means listening to a lot of best-albums-of-the-year playlists, like Bleep’s, Pitchfork’s and my favourite Dutch one Plato Mania Eindlijst. There’s not a lot of overlap between them, except for Promises by Floating Points & Pharoah Sanders.

🎵🎥 Elvis: That’s the way it is (1970) ★★★½

Great documentary with a lot of behind the scenes and sometimes hilarious rehearsal footage, and with a nice build up to the film’s climax: the live registration of ‘The Elvis Summer Festival’ at the International Hotel in Las Vegas.

📚 Very excited to read this book I got as a gift from friends!

Written by one of my favourite musicians about one of my favourite musicians: Nina Simone’s Gum by Warren Ellis.

🎵 Today, I had a lot of fun upgrading and rearranging my home studio. Even with a fairly simple setup like this, it took some time to carefully plan all the input and output connections. But the awesome MindNode app made it a pretty smooth experience.

🎵I Don’t Live Here Anymore - The War on Drugs ★★★★

I couldn’t resist to play the second track Harmonia’s Dream on maximum volume in our living room. Such an energizing track.

🎵 Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Night Moves (1976) ★★★★½

My favourite classic rock album was released 45 years ago today. While writing this post, I found out that instead of the Silver Bullet Band, part of this album was actually recorded with backing by the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, a group of session musicians “associated with more than 500 recordings, including 75 gold and platinum hits.”

🎵Another beauty from my favourite Belgian band: LUCY - Dez Mona & B.O.X

🥾🎵Short walk around one of my favourite polders. The Teckop polder is designated as a stiltegebied (silent area), which made it appropriate for making some field recordings. A brisk breeze and quite a lot of holiday air traffic made silence a relative concept though…

arnoldhoogerwerf · Stiltegebied Polder Teckop - aug 2021

🎵 I decided to change my quasi automated week in music to my month in music, to make it feel less compulsory and more fun.

This past month, I particularly enjoyed the dreamy, calm and peaceful soundtrack of No Fear, No Die by Abdullah Ibrahim.

🎵This legendary DJ-Kicks album by Kruder & Dorfmeister turned 25 years old this week. At that time a big part of the soundtrack of my life…

🎵Afro-Harping (1968) by Dorothy Ashby ★★★★

One of the most peculiar soul / jazz albums ever made, but groovy none the less.

🎵 Made some great field recordings today of the Waddenzee at low tide. The weather was calm, so were the sheep and birds that came along during the recordings. All very peaceful and silent. Apart from a few cycling tourists pointing and yelling at that guy with a microphone. 🙃

arnoldhoogerwerf · Soundscape Terschelling - 5 Aug 2021

📚🎵 Re-reading In the Field - The Art of Field Recording.

I recently upgraded my audio recording kit, which made me excited again about sound art and artists involved in field recording. It’s a joy to read about the practices of Annea Lockwood, Andrea Polli and Steven Feld.

🎵Due to its geographical location in the northeast, Norg must be one of the quietest places in the Netherlands. Which makes it a perfect place to record a dawn chorus in the local forest!

🎵 🎥 Mister Soul: a story about Donny Hathaway (2020) ★★★½

Very intriguing documentary by Dutch director David Kleijwegt, about the tragic life of soul singer Donny Hathaway, who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and ultimately committed suicide at age 33.