🏳️‍🌈 Grateful and proud to be living in such a welcoming and vibrant city! Utrecht Canal Pride 2022 ☀️

🎥 Belfast (2021) ★★★½

Beautiful cinematography, strong dialogues, but with too little character development to make it coherent and really stick with me.

Went to see this film with a friend in Slachtstraat, Utrecht’s newest, beautifully renovated (and smallest) film theatre.

🎵🥾Made some beautiful field recordings of this morning’s dawn chorus. This spot is one of the last breeding grounds of the grutto (black tailed godwit), and luckily they were very boisterous today. It’s our National Bird, but unfortunately they’re also a near-threatened species

Yesterday, we enjoyed a nice private canal cruise with friends on the canals of Utrecht. The city was bustling and we saw a lot of happy faces along the wharfs because of the nice sunny weather.

Performance by Nina Glockner at RAUM Utrecht.

Took a little detour to the outskirts of Utrecht today. It was more than worth it. Blauwkapel, Utrecht.

🥾 Some last traces of snow and ice served as proof that it was still winter, but otherwise it felt like spring during our afternoon walk through Polder Kockengen, Utrecht.

🥾 Made a nice walk with friends and the family in nature reserve De Stulp near beautiful Lage Vuursche. It was chilly and misty, but enjoyed it very much.

🥾 Old oak and wind turbine. Polder Benschop, Utrecht.

It’s easy to get cynical about the sustainability goals of our governments, but I’m grateful that my own local government of Utrecht at least has a vision regarding durable mobility, with plenty of cycle paths, bicycle bridges and even ‘bicycle highways’ like J. C. Verthorenkade.

Houtzaagmolen De Ster (1739), Utrecht. Wood sawmills from the 17th and 18th centuries were able to mechanically saw wood 30 times faster, a great leap forward in those days. This invention contributed to the technological progress made during the Dutch Golden Age.

View from below rail station Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn

Watching a flock of geese, together. Kamerik Polder, Utrecht.

Bruntscameren (1621), Utrecht. These “God’s chambers” were small houses with only one room. They were built by both Catholics and Protestants to provide free accommodation (and often food and money) for poor people, as a way to escape the often harsh life in the city.

Medieval ingenuity: wharfs along the canal, used to unload merchandise from the ship straight into the wharf cellars without any hurdles. Nieuwegracht, Utrecht.

Double helix-shaped watchtower in Máxima Park, Utrecht

Entrance of Utrecht Central Station.

Visual spectacle on Stadhuisbrug, Utrecht.

Progress (depending on how you look at it…). Utrecht is the fastest growing city in Europe: 39% relative growth from 1995-2014…

In the scale of things, the St. Martin’s Cathedral (or Dom church) is a small cathedral, but this tower certainly must have made a lasting impression on the average medieval inhabitant of Utrecht.

Three solar system objects aligned in space. Solar eclipse of 20 March 2015, as seen from the garden behind our former house in Utrecht Zuilen.

Interesting reflection on the opposing side. Rhijnoord viaduct, Rijksstraatweg Utrecht

From way back, when the world still was a couple of degrees cooler… Julianapark, Utrecht (2012).

Much unrest on a day of rest. Strijkviertel, Utrecht

In balance. Gone with the wind, by HeHe (Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen). Near Utrecht Central Station.