Attachment of a hammock to an old church, now in use as a breeding ground for creativity.

Metaalkathedraal, Utrecht.

Plain Dutch landscape. Kamerik polder, Utrecht.

“Fietsstraat, auto te gast” traffic sign, Kanaalweg, Utrecht.

This road sign indicates that a road is intended for bicycles, but cars may use it as a guest. My favourite traffic sign, and we’re lucky enough to have many of them in Utrecht.

Banklok, Buurtoren, Utrecht.

For centuries, the most important city bell of the municipality of Utrecht, to mark all kinds of important council decisions. Nowadays still rung by hand once every weekend to symbolise a lull in the busy work week.

Sunset causing interesting contrast effect on bottom of clouds. Haarzuilens, Utrecht, 2016.

The new Utrecht Central Station from above. Taken from atop the Moreelse Brug bicycle bridge.

Snowdrops and crocuses, the first blooming plants of the season, in front of my new workplace, De Havenloods, Werkspoorkwartier Utrecht.

Huis Oog in Al (1664), Utrecht. A former ‘buitenplaats’. Now a hidden treasure in the city.

Sonnenborgh Observatory Utrecht. A place to spot stars. At this historic 19th-century observatory, the composition of the sun was deciphered and the first weather forecasts were made. Built on a monumental 16th-century bastion, one of the best-preserved in Northern Europe.

Johan Wagenaarkade, Utrecht. Household and street lights reflect on the surface of the Amsterdam-Rhine canal.

I decided to combine the February Photo Blogging Challenge with my New Year’s resolution to post more photos of my hometown Utrecht. So far, I love the extra handicap, but there’s still a long way ahead of me…

Three sights in one view: bridges over the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal, Utrecht.

Dafne Schippers bicycle bridge, Utrecht

Dafne Schippers bicycle bridge, an open entrance into downtown Utrecht, by NEXT Architects

Made a short visit with the family to ‘Self-publish or be damned’ at AG Utrecht. A beautiful ode to DIY publishing in various local subcultures in the past and present.

Ran 10k today, during Holland’s oldest street run: Singelloop Utrecht.