🎵🥾Made some beautiful field recordings of this morning’s dawn chorus. This spot is one of the last breeding grounds of the grutto (black tailed godwit), and luckily they were very boisterous today. It’s our National Bird, but unfortunately they’re also a near-threatened species

🥾 During a short walk with my daughter (while watching out for the just returned black-tailed godwit from Senegal and Guinea-Bissau!), we were treated with this beautiful view of distant rain showers on the horizon.

🥾 Short walk near Oud-Maarsseveen, in pouring rain. The Dutch language has a lot of different descriptions for rain. We would describe today’s weather as ‘Het regent kop en schotels’ (‘It’s raining cups and saucers’).

🥾 Short walk with the family in Westerheide nature reserve. We very much enjoyed this year’s exuberant flowering heather!

🥾🎵Short walk around one of my favourite polders. The Teckop polder is designated as a stiltegebied (silent area), which made it appropriate for making some field recordings. A brisk breeze and quite a lot of holiday air traffic made silence a relative concept though…

arnoldhoogerwerf · Stiltegebied Polder Teckop - aug 2021

I ❤️ Terschelling. 👟 This morning, I enjoyed a short run around Midsland, almost 10 years since my last run on the island. At the time, I was doing a project at the Oerol Performing Arts Festival. This photo was taken just a few hundred meters from the festival centre Westerkeyn.

🥾 Some last traces of snow and ice served as proof that it was still winter, but otherwise it felt like spring during our afternoon walk through Polder Kockengen, Utrecht.

🥾 Made a nice walk with friends and the family in nature reserve De Stulp near beautiful Lage Vuursche. It was chilly and misty, but enjoyed it very much.

🥾 Short walk on estate Landgoed Broekhuizen, Leersum

🥾 Old oak and wind turbine. Polder Benschop, Utrecht.

🥾 Close encounter with strange and fascinating organisms during a walk in the forest.

🥾 Had a nice walk in the beautiful Millingerwaard, along the floodplains of the Rhine and Waal rivers, near the Dutch-German border.

🥾 Short walk near De Bilt.

🥾 Sunday afternoon walk in one of the oldest Ash forests of Western Europe. In use as a coppiced wood since the 13th century, it provides 85% of all ash wood demand in the world.

🥾 Afternoon walk

Ran 10k today, during Holland’s oldest street run: Singelloop Utrecht.

🥾 We found a variety of beautiful mushrooms (some of them very smelly) on our first autumn walk in the forest.