🎵Another beauty from my favourite Belgian band: LUCY - Dez Mona & B.O.X

🥾 Short walk with the family in Westerheide nature reserve. We very much enjoyed this year’s exuberant flowering heather!

🌱 Fermented plum sauce made with the first harvest of plums from our own garden.

🌱 Can’t think of a better colour palette that captures the mood of this bright and friendly sunday morning.

🌱 Untainted pumpkin flower. Love the five-fold symmetry.

🌱 Our living room Melissa seems to be glowing because of the evening sun shining through its leaves.

🥾🎵Short walk around one of my favourite polders. The Teckop polder is designated as a stiltegebied (silent area), which made it appropriate for making some field recordings. A brisk breeze and quite a lot of holiday air traffic made silence a relative concept though…

arnoldhoogerwerf · Stiltegebied Polder Teckop - aug 2021

🎥 Thor (2011) ★★½

Now both of our kids are getting old enough for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I expect to (re)watch a lot more of them with the whole family this autumn.

🎵 I decided to change my quasi automated week in music to my month in music, to make it feel less compulsory and more fun.

This past month, I particularly enjoyed the dreamy, calm and peaceful soundtrack of No Fear, No Die by Abdullah Ibrahim.

🎵This legendary DJ-Kicks album by Kruder & Dorfmeister turned 25 years old this week. At that time a big part of the soundtrack of my life…

🌱 Silhouette of a moth.

Performance by Nina Glockner at RAUM Utrecht.

🌱 Lazy afternoon in the garden.

📚 After years (!) of off and on reading, I finally finished A Phenomenology of Landscape (1997) by Christopher Tilley. ★★★★

Not an easy read, but for me, it was a great introduction to contemporary archeological methodology, as well as phenomenological philosophy.

We went to a great exhibition at AVL Mundo in Rotterdam today: Fake Me Hard.

On the cutting-edge of art and technology, FAKE ME HARD explores the complex reality of the 21 st century with futuristic installations by over 40 artists, performances, and debates

🌱 Fresh pumpkin tendril in the morning light. Fascinating phenomenon..!

“The mechanism of tendril coiling begins with circumnutation of the tendril […] and it serves the purpose of increasing the chance that the plant will come in contact with a support system.”

🎵Afro-Harping (1968) by Dorothy Ashby ★★★★

One of the most peculiar soul / jazz albums ever made, but groovy none the less.

🎵 Made some great field recordings today of the Waddenzee at low tide. The weather was calm, so were the sheep and birds that came along during the recordings. All very peaceful and silent. Apart from a few cycling tourists pointing and yelling at that guy with a microphone. 🙃

arnoldhoogerwerf · Soundscape Terschelling - 5 Aug 2021

🌬🪁☁️☀️❤️ Lovely daughter, kiting on a dyke.

I ❤️ Terschelling. 👟 This morning, I enjoyed a short run around Midsland, almost 10 years since my last run on the Island. At the time, I was doing a project at the Oerol Performing Arts Festival. This photo was taken just a few hundred meters from the festival centre Westerkeyn.

On our way to the next destination of our summer holiday. Always a good feeling to drive down the Afsluitdijk, enjoy some beautiful Dutch skies and take the ferry to our favourite Wadden island Terschelling.

Enjoying a relaxing day at home. Making a lacto-fermented mango chutney, while watching the summer olympics.

Made a variation on a Coulibiac, a stuffed pastry shell with salmon, cabbage, rice, eggs, mushrooms, onions, parsley and dill.

“Photography is truth. The cinema is truth, twenty four times a second.“

Jean-Luc Godard 💬

📚🎵 Re-reading In the Field - The Art of Field Recording.

I recently upgraded my audio recording kit, which made me excited again about sound art and artists involved in field recording. It’s a joy to read about the practices of Annea Lockwood, Andrea Polli and Steven Feld.