@jeremycherfas yes, that would work as well of course! I guess it’s just a good idea to have all your old data around for quite a while because every now and then something pops up that still needs to be transferred.

@colinwalker That sounds like just the right mindset. Being gentle with self imposed goals requires self compassion!

@jeremycherfas After two weeks with my new MacBook Pro, I’m still running into little things like customisations and data that I forgot and that need to be transferred or installed. I still have my almost 10 year old MacBook Pro at hand, but you could make a disk image of your old system and mount it when needed.

@suzanne As a father of two, I definitely can relate. Trying to maintain an independent art practice as an aspiration, while having a part time teaching job often feels like a bridge too far... But just being a good enough parent may be the one aspiration worth to live by..!

@toddgrotenhuis I would actually like ‘t Groote Huys, (in old Dutch notation 🙂). But another appropriate and typically Dutch name could be Boslust, or Aan den ouden kreek. Beautiful house btw.

@bitdepth beautiful photo!

@TheDimPause What a lovely place! Seems like a good place for feeling at home.

@Cheri @manton That would be my main usage for such a feature as well. With a link to a more publicly accessible bookshelve-page, preferably on my own (micro.blog hosted) blog!

@V_ Seems very interesting, I’m curious what you think of it. Also beautifully designed!

@ReaderJohn The best of both worlds! At least, that was what I was aiming for. Time will tell 😂

@odd Yes yes, the granddad was really cool and hard-hitting! 😉 I can’t think of a better actor for this kind of character than Robert Foster. He’s one of my favourite actors of all times!

@hollyhoneychurch nice find!

@manton can feel the tension rising…

@mejh I still haven’t made up my mind, but I’m leaning towards the iPhone Mini again. Another thing that may still hold me back could be going back to a slightly smaller keyboard…

@Miraz I was just starting to think in the opposite direction. Considering going from iPhone 11 to iPhone Mini 13 this time. But the Pro camera system (especially the tele lens and the new macro feature) might be the one reason to decide otherwise…🤔

@odd For me it worked flawlessly! There’s a very helpful ‘export wizard’ in the Mac app, guiding you step by step. I also love the way almost all formatting stays intact (in only a few posts, iframe embeds showed up as code block in DayOne for instance). The only downside is that it cannot do partial exports (or incremental imports) as of yet. A true syncing solution would be awesome, but for now I’m more than happy with it. (Although I wouldn’t mind hearing how @manton wants to improve this even further :)

@kimberlyhirsh Last year at the beginning of september, we ‘adopted’ a cute medium- small size spider in our garden, just at the opposite site of the window. During the autumn and winter season the whole family enjoyed her catching insects and growing bigger and bigger, rebuilding a new web at the exact same spot everyday. By the time spring broke though, my daughters somehow lost interest. She apparently wasn’t that cute anymore 🙂

@Jeena beautiful picture!

@manton Yes i'll try! No problem at all to do that once every few months! The import wizard was very helpful also btw (regarding putting the designated journal at the top of the list first.! ) Thank you!

@gerwitz Gezellig! Van harte gefeliciteerd, en meer dan welkom!

@frostedechoes @gaby @manton For me the import worked flawlessly! Really cool to have everything in one place, next to my private journals. Only a few imported posts had formatting issues like an iframe embed ‘wrongly’ formatted as a code block, or first sentences formatted as a heading. I only had a few hundred posts though, so I’m wondering how this will work out with future ‘incremental’ imports.

@Miraz Yes it is! I just recently realised that this must be a typical Dutch phenomenon. I guess one only starts to value silence when there’s so little of it left..? I’m curious though: is there similar ‘protective’ regulation in other countries?

@jtbrown Yes, we enjoyed it, and I agree that Thor isn’t the best one. But it was good enough to make me start longing for those rainy autumn days with the family!

@hollyhoneychurch congrats! 🎉

@Miraz The faster we receive your updates from the Southern Hemisphere, the better! 😄