@artkavanagh fwiw, the album is available through Apple Music. And it’s very good..!

@artkavanagh What a beautifully written piece! Very eager to give HOME.S. a listen. I’m a big fan of his music!

@ndreas We did too! Episode 7 was the weirdest but also bravest TV series episode I’ve ever seen. Just one scene with 20 minutes of pure rage! That wasn’t possible in the pre-streaming era.

@odd So you weren’t able to listen yet? Not ideal, but I found a version on YouTube. To be honest I’m not too happy with linking to Apple Music in blog posts. I did also use song.link for a while, but I’m wondering how permanent those URLs will be in the long term. Perhaps the safest bet is to link to the Wikipedia article and let readers find the song on their own?

@vincent @manton Ooh, nostalgia! But even more relevant today than 5 years ago!

@artkavanagh Thanks for sharing, great find!

@warner My walk is in Dutch and also geolocated, but maybe you can find a nearby walk through the Echoes platform or app?

@V_ That’s quite literally some rare bread you have there! Or should I say medium-rare? 😀

@rom @shep Same here! In my case with an NFS mounted share of all the media on my NAS.

@hollyhoneychurch That’s some serious psychedelic purring! My cats were anxiously looking around like they were expecting some space invaders!

(BTW, do you already know Purrli, internet’s favourite cat?😉)

@artkavanagh Have fun listening, it’s a great album! I discovered a lot of really great work by Chick Corea lately. Somehow, I tend to listen a lot more to the work of artists after they pass away…

@warner I like Wikipedia’s description very much, couldn’t explain it any better :)

“A soundwalk is a walk with a focus on listening to the environment.”

@johnwlittle This is great!! I only knew their twitter account. Even better than Poolsuite.fm..!

@V_ Hagelslag FTW 🙌

@Miraz don’t get me wrong: kombucha is serious business! That’s something for fermenting pros, I didn’t dare to try it yet 😉

@Miraz Isn’t that part of the fun?! I still remember my first kimchi, it was way too salty but the whole family agreed that it indeed could be called kimchi. Made me kind of proud 😅

@JMaxB Merry Clayton’s voice is thrilling. I’ve seen some fragments of that documentary on national television, but still have to see it sometimes!

@JMaxB All great songs! My all time favourite has to be Gimme Shelter!

@Miraz We’ve all been there..! So many things to take care of in a split second!

@Miraz Always a magical moment! ‘Ours’ arrive from Western Africa every year. Unfortunately their numbers decline for several years in a row already….

@ridwan it turned out to be the perfect sweet accompaniment of a cheese platter!

@bitdepth Hang in there! That’s a really serious hurricane…

@manton @sod I have the Arabica theme with no modifications except for some heavy restyling with CSS. I just checked on my test-blog and it seems that the arabica theme indeed doesn't have a "replying to" link? Would be great to have such a link, and preferably to the original post on the blog itself! (But wouldn't mind if it linked to the entry in the m.b. timeline)

@sod I would be interested in beta testing too!

On a side note: I include my replies on my blog too, but in its current form it’s not of much use, since there’s nothing that links back to the original conversation. @manton , could this be something that can be improved in the future?

@odd I’m experiencing this since upgrading to iOS 16 too… seems like every focus has to be reconfigured from scratch to get it working again.