@uncertainquark I suspect this behaviour started when Live Text got announced..! How can embedded text in a pdf become garbled at all, I wonder?!

@uncertainquark agreed! But one thing that annoys me a lot in recent versions is the fact that copied text from a pdf often becomes scrambled with pasting in another application. As if it was badly OCR-ed (a T becomes a + for instance), very frustrating!

@bitdepth Couldn't agree with you more! Knowing that Kim and Nacho will not end up in Breaking Bad, makes you wonder all the more about their fate..!

@garethjones you won't be disappointed!!

@brettkosinski Extra handicap: many of the (many!) storylines and all of its characters evolve very slowly over the course of all seasons, making it even harder to keep up with all of them. But that (together with the stunning cinematography) is part of the charm of it I think!

@brettkosinski Couldn't agree with you more! (Currently rewatching season 5 in anticipation of the final season..!)

@ReaderJohn it was a vegetarian version with bell peppers instead of anchovy this time. But the family was just now discussing that next time we will go for the real deal!

@toddgrotenhuis a good morning indeed. Lovely atmosphere

@frostedechoes This should be a nominee for the Ig Nobel Prize for Typography ("honor achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think." )πŸ˜„

@patrickrhone What a great idea! Although my About Page describes something similar, I almost never used my microblog that way. Perhaps I have to create a separate Thoughts category for this..!

@hutaffe πŸ˜‚

@dwalbert what a beautiful way to protest!

@bjhess Loved it !

@bjhess very curious to watch this film. thanks for the review.

@adders many more beautiful sunsets are underway!

@colinwalker Congratulations!!

@pimoore docs.vdo.ninja/guides/st...

Aah, iPad-only..! That will complicate things a bit... You can stream the obs.ninja directly into zoom via screen sharing, if i remember it correctly... There are also dedicated apps to do this. But I love the versatility and ease of use of OBS / OBS.Ninja!

@pimoore You could try the excellent OBS Studio with vdo.ninja. Good luck!

@SimonWoods Yup, re-send invite did the trick. Still have to watch the sessions though (Corona is a bitch 🀧)

@jean good luck! I will probably watch the sessions later since I’m in Europe πŸ™‚. I already signed up and logged in the Vito hub a few days ago to take a peek at the schedule, but upon trying again just now I got a 404?

@hollyhoneychurch Totally agreed!!! I didn't know Trent Reznor was a composer for this movie?! Will certainly give the soundtrack another listen soon!

@UndamnedOne The story behind this particular tree is even more beautiful! It was a birthday present for my girlfriend, and for the last couple of years it started to bloom exactly on that day (march 2nd)!

@modomiro Yes, I found that one too on Wikipedia! Those poor knights sure had a good appetite πŸ˜€

@jdjwrites Great! It’s currently free to watch on Plex. I also want to see more films with William S. Burroughs!