@colinwalker Congratulations!!

@pimoore docs.vdo.ninja/guides/st...

Aah, iPad-only..! That will complicate things a bit... You can stream the obs.ninja directly into zoom via screen sharing, if i remember it correctly... There are also dedicated apps to do this. But I love the versatility and ease of use of OBS / OBS.Ninja!

@pimoore You could try the excellent OBS Studio with vdo.ninja. Good luck!

@SimonWoods Yup, re-send invite did the trick. Still have to watch the sessions though (Corona is a bitch 🤧)

@jean good luck! I will probably watch the sessions later since I’m in Europe 🙂. I already signed up and logged in the Vito hub a few days ago to take a peek at the schedule, but upon trying again just now I got a 404?

@hollyhoneychurch Totally agreed!!! I didn't know Trent Reznor was a composer for this movie?! Will certainly give the soundtrack another listen soon!

@UndamnedOne The story behind this particular tree is even more beautiful! It was a birthday present for my girlfriend, and for the last couple of years it started to bloom exactly on that day (march 2nd)!

@modomiro Yes, I found that one too on Wikipedia! Those poor knights sure had a good appetite 😀

@jdjwrites Great! It’s currently free to watch on Plex. I also want to see more films with William S. Burroughs!

@robertvanbregt hallo en welkom🤗

@manton Indeed a great post and a very beautiful description of blogging!

@manton happy micro.birthday to you and to all in the community who make this such a worthwhile place! 🥂

@V_ thanks for the review, it made me curious enough to put it on my to read list!

@jeremycherfas yes, that would work as well of course! I guess it’s just a good idea to have all your old data around for quite a while because every now and then something pops up that still needs to be transferred.

@colinwalker That sounds like just the right mindset. Being gentle with self imposed goals requires self compassion!

@jeremycherfas After two weeks with my new MacBook Pro, I’m still running into little things like customisations and data that I forgot and that need to be transferred or installed. I still have my almost 10 year old MacBook Pro at hand, but you could make a disk image of your old system and mount it when needed.

@suzanne As a father of two, I definitely can relate. Trying to maintain an independent art practice as an aspiration, while having a part time teaching job often feels like a bridge too far... But just being a good enough parent may be the one aspiration worth to live by..!

@toddgrotenhuis I would actually like ‘t Groote Huys, (in old Dutch notation 🙂). But another appropriate and typically Dutch name could be Boslust, or Aan den ouden kreek. Beautiful house btw.

@bitdepth beautiful photo!

@TheDimPause What a lovely place! Seems like a good place for feeling at home.

@Cheri @manton That would be my main usage for such a feature as well. With a link to a more publicly accessible bookshelve-page, preferably on my own (micro.blog hosted) blog!

@V_ Seems very interesting, I’m curious what you think of it. Also beautifully designed!

@ReaderJohn The best of both worlds! At least, that was what I was aiming for. Time will tell 😂

@odd Yes yes, the granddad was really cool and hard-hitting! 😉 I can’t think of a better actor for this kind of character than Robert Foster. He’s one of my favourite actors of all times!